婴幼儿。 is a time for learning in a secure environment with teachers who will help your child develop a love for learning to last a lifetime. 在9778818威尼斯官网幼儿园, we provide your child with the best possible first educational experience with this goal in mind.  Our 学生 learn through direct teacher instruction with developmentally appropriate learning activities. In an atmosphere of consistency and security, our 学生 thrive.

49987体育威尼斯人 is a Catholic school and you can be assured that your Christian values will be reflected in your child’s education from the start.  Our faith-based mission al低s our professional staff of teachers to focus on the development of the whole child in the truest sense: physical, 情感, 社会, 知识, 和精神.

The day is balanced 之间的 structured learning and learning through free play. Our 情 学生 enter Kindergarten with early literacy skills, 很多时候是新兴读者, and with a strong foundation in early number skills.  At Providence, 情 学生 discover that there is much to learn and that learning is fun.

The advantages of 49987体育威尼斯人 婴幼儿。 include:

  • A positive approach to 知识 and 社会/behavioral development
  • Superior educational foundation aligned with the rigorous curriculum of a college prep school
  • Reading program – phonics instruction builds strong emergent reading skills
  • 数学程序——数字感. 新加坡的方法
  • 西班牙语强化课程, 音乐, and Physical Education taught by specialist teachers in these areas
  • 小班级规模
  • 专业的老师
  • Development of  self-confidence, group, and 社会 skills
  • Parents have full access to teachers, coordinator, director
  • 1/2 day, afternoon enrichment (full day), 放学后清晨,
  • 现场持牌学校护士

All parents want the best for their children.  The best in 情 education is available in the excellent foundation provided by 49987体育威尼斯人 婴幼儿。.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact us by 电子邮件 或拨打 .

Among the important skills that children develop in Providence 婴幼儿。 are those that help children become 学生. The ability to listen attentively and the ability to fol低 directions are important foundational skills for success in school (and elsewhere).  Recognizing the rights of others and respecting others’ property, 分享和轮流, and observing classroom rules are also much-needed skills.  另外, Providence 情 学生 learn to participate positively in groups, 大小都有.  They develop important skills in helping others, 在解决问题, and in working as part of a team in cooperative learning projects.

Basic manners are an essential life skill and we emphasize these as well.   The children learn that “Please” and “thank you”, “对不起”和“对不起”, please” are a few of the phrases that help build positive relationships.  Kind words, too, go a good distance toward peaceful relations. Kindness and generosity are virtues that are emphasized in the 情 classroom.

As a Catholic school, development of inter-personal skills at Providence is enlivened by faith.  God plays a major role in our 学生’ everyday world.  The children learn that Jesus loves everyone, especially little children and that includes them.  They learn that just as Jesus loves us, he asks us to love one another.   This is the “ultimate” 社会 skill:  love of neighbor.  This is the foundation upon which we build.

学术 Knowledge and Intellectual Skills

In addition to guiding student development in 社会 and motor skills areas, the 49987体育威尼斯人 curriculum has a strong focus on 知识 skill building beginning at the 婴幼儿。 level. 情 学生 are innately curious and enjoy learning new information about the world.  Our 情 teachers present their young 学生 with important information in an inviting environment that balances creative exploration and activity with structured learning. The balanced approach encourages 学生 to develop thinking and memory skills, 以及解决问题的能力, The Core Knowledge Sequence for 婴幼儿。, which provides the outline for much of the content that is taught, 促进跨学科的学习.  These curricular connections al低 学生 to make 知识 connections 之间的 related topics and feed 学生’growth in knowledge.


At the 婴幼儿。 level, 语言艺术 encompasses a number of key content areas.

Emergent Literacy (Reading and Writing)

As the year begins, 学生 learn to read their own names and those of classmates.  随着时间的推移, emphasis is placed on mastery of beginning word sounds and the letter/sound (phonemes) relationship as the necessary prerequisite to reading fluency.  在春天, 学生 begin to phonetically “decode” simple words as they gain pre-reading and actual reading skills.  Writing skills develop through the year as 学生 become comfortable with holding a writing utensil, 在写作中发展运动技能, and grow in understanding of the use of written symbols.  As 学生 learn to read their names, they learn to write them also.  Many 学生 are able to write a variety of words independently by the time late spring arrives.


情 学生 learn about themselves and about the world around them through stories, 歌曲, 和经验学习.  In storytelling, 学生 learn how to sequence a story, and to use expressive language.  The 学生 also learn new vocabulary through the study of a variety of thematic units throughout the year.


童谣, 诗, and classic children’s stories are all part of the Providence 婴幼儿。 student’s introduction to the world of literature.  学生们听故事, “读”照片的故事, 学会复述那些故事, and are encouraged to create stories of their own.  Students are also introduced to non-fiction as they learn about events, 国人民, 的地方, 和科学主题.


49987体育威尼斯人 情 学生 are presented with math concepts daily.  Our 情 staff has received training in Singapore Math methods to help 学生 begin to develop a strong early foundation in number sense.

The math curriculum begins with counting, 按不同属性排序, 形状分类, 识别模式, and proceeds through creation of patterns, 按大小和功能分类, 更高级的分类技能, 以及各种各样的测量方法.  在春季学期, 学生 recognize and work with numbers through 30, and make more complex comparisons involving size, 质量, 和温度.  情 学生 develop basic skills in addition, subtraction, graphing, and telling time.


情 学生 at Providence explore the physical and natural world.  The year begins with the study of self:  human characteristics, needs, and development.  Students are excited to know more about how their bodies “work”.  五种感官, 肌肉和骨骼, 49987体育威尼斯人如何成长, 需要良好的营养和睡眠, are all areas of fascination for the 情 student.  动物, 植物, 季节, 以及水的物理元素, 空气, and light are among other topics for 情 scientific studies.


In these areas, Providence 婴幼儿。 学生 learn about time and space.  These include topics near to the 学生’ lives and experiences (Our School) and those more distant (Space Flight).  情 学生 are introduced to calendar time and ways to measure time, 过去和现在的概念, as well as spatial directions and relationships (high, 低, 之间的, 上图).   Students create grid designs and patterns and develop an understanding of sequencing in time (before and after).  These studies lead to concepts of actual and represented space and simple map skills.

Special events and celebrations are springboards to learning about people and 的地方.  At Thanksgiving time, 学生 are introduced to topics related to America’s structure and heritage.  This includes an introduction to the fifty states and the U.S. Flag and concepts such as Freedom and Equality.  Christmas presents an opportunity to find the country of Israel and the city of Bethlehem on a map.  The study of the Earth includes landforms and oceans.


情 学生 are introduced to the works and styles of famous artists , such as Matisse (“The Snail”) and  Picasso (“The 3 音乐ians”).  Art appreciation (“learning to look”) helps 学生 to develop attention to visual detail.  The 学生 also have daily opportunities to develop their own artistic  skills as they print and paint, 画和雕刻, 创造自己的“杰作”.

In the area of 音乐, 情 学生 learn about sounds and about differences in sounds.  唱歌是每天的一部分.  Listening, singing, and movement are all part of the 情 musical experience.  Students participate in music class with a 49987体育威尼斯人 较低的学校 music teacher one time per week.

当他们在成长的时候, 智力, 和精神上, young children need to develop physical strength and coordination.  Providence 情 学生 have many opportunities to run, 爬, and participate in physical play during recess time on the Providence play ground.  婴幼儿。 学生 also participate in a weekly class led by a 49987体育威尼斯人 Physical Education teacher in one of our spacious gyms.  The goal of Physical Education is to help the children to develop large muscle strength and motor skills.  另外, 社会 skill development is supported as 学生 learn to play safely and cooperatively, 轮流, and to respect the needs and rights of others while in an active environment.



Winter 活动 登记 is Now Open!

Please visit LS Winter 活动 登记 to register for Chess, Knitting, and Book Club.   Grandmasters of ChessNew and returning 学生 invited.  Learn, Practice and Play chess each class.  {叶尔!}教它! 练习它! 播放它!®方法使学生坚持下去...



Please join your children and the 较低的学校 faculty and staff in the Great Room at 2:40 pm on Tuesday, December 21 to participate in our 较低的学校 tradition of singing Christmas carols just before we leave for Christmas break.